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COACH HOUSE Diversity and Inclusion

Coach House clients are as diverse as the world we live in. We ensure our working practices cultivate an environment where our consultants value diversity and actively pursue inclusiveness, personal growth and professional excellence. Coach House Associates come from a variety of backgrounds and nationalities.

To embrace diversity throughout our engagements, we;

  1. Build capable teams that reflect our own values and those of the clients we work with
  2. Create an inclusive workplace where diversity is respected and there is zero tolerance for discrimination
  3. Work with diverse clients
  4. Serve diverse clients by offering services and products that meet their needs and values

COACH HOUSE Sustainability

It is essential that sustainable development and environmental management are at the core of all activities within the engagements we participate. Coach House endeavours to contribute to achieve sustainability through:

  1. The environment in which our Associates work
  2. The skills and knowledge that they acquire and put in to practice and
  3. Our own strategies and operations

Our Policy Objectives

  1. To ensure that all environmental risks are assessed, managed and controlled within our engagements
  2. To promote and adopt best practice with those we work with
  3. To ensure our Associates are informed on matters of the environment relating to the clients with whom they work
  4. To ensure our Associates are well briefed and receive any training and information on environmental management and sustainability within the engagements they are delivering

Our Policy Statement is

Coach House understands the importance of the role it has to play in the environment and in promoting principles of sustainability in its business activities with others.

  • Coach House will manage and control its environmental risks in a sustainable manner by complying with relevant legislation and adopting, where appropriate, best practice of our clients own policies and standards.
  • Coach House will also endeavour to integrate the principles of sustainability into its strategies, policies and procedures and within the engagements we are deploying.


This policy defines a framework by which Coach House’s computer systems, assets, infrastructure and computing environment will be protected from threats whether internal, external, deliberate or accidental and how our Associates will ensure they meet the client’s own IT and related policies. The clients own policies will take precedence to ensure our Associates comply with all IT security requirements.

Key Principles

  • All computer systems, environments and information will be protected against unauthorised access whether this is within the client environment or remote working.
  • All use of the clients IT facilities will comply with the clients IT Acceptable Use Policy.
  • Information kept within Coach House systems will be managed securely, to comply with relevant data protection laws.
  • All Associates are required to familiarise themselves with the Coach House and clients policy, to adhere to it and comply with the requirements.

Physical Security

  • Any computer equipment in general office environments should be secured behind locked doors or protected by user log-out and or password protected screensavers whenever it is left unattended; and outside of general office hours.
  • Any portable equipment (such as laptops, memory sticks, CDs, PDAs etc) should use a log-on or power-on password wherever possible. Any unattended portable equipment should be physically secure, for example locked in an office or a desk drawer. When being transported in a vehicle they should be hidden from view. Associates should avoid storing sensitive information on portable equipment whenever possible.

Data Security

Coach House attaches great import to the secure management of the data it holds and generates and will hold Associates accountable for any inappropriate mismanagement or loss of it.

  • Any copying – or original creation – of data onto any form of portable media transport device (Memory Stick, CD, DVD, External Hard Drive, PDA, portable music player, Laptop, etc.) or its transportation beyond the secure environment it was intended to be used within (systems environment, PC environment, campus, office etc) carries additional responsibilities for the individual undertaking such activity. This is only with the express permission of the client.

Anti-Virus Security

Coach House ensures that the latest anti-virus security has been download and installed on all of its systems. In addition Associates will comply with clients supplied equipment and policies.