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Head in the Sand?

Coach House Consulting - Head In The Sand

I was interested in the comments and facts raised in Jonathan Kettleborough’s article (Inside Learning Technologies & Skills, 2014). He uses a football analogy, which I can fully identify with, and suggests that either a team ‘moves up’ the league’ or the manager prepares to be ‘moved on’. I wonder how comfortable most of the Premier League team managers are with this?! So I guess the killer, closer-to-home question is – does this also apply to L&D professionals?  Must we ‘move up’ or ‘move on’?

Kettleborough brings in some interesting facts which makes pretty bleak reading. The Towards Maturity report claims 36% of L&D professionals are not confident their learning initiatives support the skills the business needs, with just over half (56%) of L&D professionals taking time to analyse the business problem before recommending a solution.

If this is in indeed the case, then for me the message is clear: how do we, as learning professionals, raise our status? How do we make sure we are at the same table as the business heads, working with them to identify the issues and not forgetting the underlying problems including culture? (better stop there before I disturb another hornets’ nest!).

Perhaps there are moves afoot to tackle this issue with other tactics? You’d have to have your head in the sand not to notice the growing trend in new and loftier titles emerging such as Chief Learning Officer. Is this an attempt to raise our roles to join the ‘c’ suite? Thoughts / contributions are positively welcomed!

David Dickinson CEO and now officially a blogger!

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